Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Messenger Bag

Finished up this little number yesterday.

The fabric has been embellished with fabric paints to highlight the print in various places (again, for some reason this just doesn't show up in the pictures!)

It is big enough to carry my laptop computer in, and has a nice sturdy strap that doesn't cut into your shoulder when you carry it.

Since a laptop will fit in it, I figured the inside needed to have some extra padding, so the lining is a quilted fabric that I created with some fabric, a remnant of a batting and a muslin back.

There was a little piece of the gusset left, so I turned it into a pocket inside the bag!

This item, along with a lot of the other bags I have recently finished, will be going out on Etsy shortly.


Nancy G said...

"Finished up this little number yesterday."

Har-de-har-har! Though the numbers look fairly large to me... 8-)

Bev said...

ok, sometimes the funniest lines are the totally innocent ones!

Thanks for showing me my own humor!!

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