Thursday, September 13, 2007

another bag complete

Just in time for this weekend's show in Springfield, MO, I finished this in the car on the way down!

This piece had a former life as a wool blanket, which I put through the washer and felted.

The lining is made up of three different fabrics -- one left over from the lining of a suit I made my daughter, one left over from the fabric of the blouse I wore for my daughter's wedding and a piece of cotton left over from a teddy bear costume.

The handle is made of wood beads that once were part of a bead car seat that my mom gave me when it started coming apart.

The felt pieces, cording and beads were all pieces left over from other projects.

Pretty good I think!

I also started in on a third bag while I was in the car. This one is brown and green tones with a teddy bear face and footprint as embellishment....its coming along nicely!!


Nancy G said...

This is WAY cool; I can't wait to see what the next one looks like!

Laura Lynn said...

Bev that is so beautiful! Awesome job and good luck at the show!