Saturday, September 22, 2007

a bag that's not for sale (but I'll take orders!)

This one is mine!

I've been using a very nice leather bag for years, but right now its just not big enough for me to put everything in that I need to carry.

So, I figured I should make a bag for me to use!!

As you can probably tell by the picture, this bag began life as a pair of jean shorts.

The bottom is a piece of felt that I made from an old woven poncho (I still have many pieces of this lovely stuff left!)

Since I wasn't planning to use the back pockets to put anything in, I gussied them up with lace and ribbon and the corner of a bandana handkerchef (I used the corner that says "made in the USA") as I stitched them closed.

I plan to use the front pockets for my cell phone and my keys, so I just decorated them with ribbons, buttons, beads, and added the "hand made" charm.

The "belt" is a piece of the leftover quilt binding I had created for a quilt I made last year.

And then there is the inside.....

There are actually 3 pockets (of different sizes) inside the bag, and the lining (as well as the strap) is made up of bits and pieces of fabric, most of it left over from that same quilt....

I'm looking forward to using this bag and finally having enough room for everything!

(and I'm hoping to attract a little attention to maybe sell a few too!)

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