Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Its a Bear Bag.....

actually completed while we were in Springfield to do our show.

The back is made of one fabric that was once a coat and one that was a woven poncho. The front is made of pieces of upholstry velour that were given to me by the daughter of a bear maker after her mother died.

The handle is more of those wood beads from the car seat cover from my mom.

and all the ribbon trim is from some sale ribbon that was in the bin of odds and ends

this is a close up shot of the zipper pull and the beading at the top edge. The little bear charm is part of a pair of earrings that lost its mate.

Check out this cute little bear face! The eyes and nose are buttons that had been removed from a piece of clothing before it was turned into rags. (that's where the zipper for the top came from too)

The ears are a fur fabric scrap from the tub of fur pieces.

The paw has bugle bead claws (the picture doesn't really show them)

On the whole this one came out pretty well. I will probably do the zippers in future bags in a slightly different way, tho'

The finished bag measures 10" wide by 9.5" tall by 2" thick. It is lined with a cotton fabric that has (what else) bears printed on it!

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